Why We Exist

There is no question that help is not getting to our Wounded fast enough. With a suicide rate of one service member committing suicide every 65 minutes, something needs to be done. Here are some of the facts:

- 2.6 + million served in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan
- There are one (1) million Wounded Veterans
- Still half a million Veterans are waiting to be seen medically
- There is still a backlog of Wounded waiting more than 125 days to receive medical attention
- 670,000 + Veterans have been approved for disability
- Several hundred thousand more Veterans still have claims pending
- 375,000 + Veterans are dealing with PTSD, but less than 20% have been helped
- 300,707 + Veteranssuffer from traumatic brain injuries ("TBI")
- A Veteran life is lost to suicide every 65 minutes
- America is losing more Veterans to suicide than those who have died in combat
- The military suicide rate is over 3 times the rate of civilian suicides
- Over 40,000 501(c)(3) groups claim to be helping Veterans yet the suicide rate is still climbing