Why Brave Works? A common complaint of corporations and supporters of Veteran causes is that they don't know who to trust or how their money is actually being used. They want to be assured their contributions are going to organizations that truly aid our Wounded and their families and not into large salaries and overhead.

Brave Works was founded just to help solve this problem as well as to find a way to speed up aid to our Wounded.

As a national fund, and not a service provider, Brave Works is able to be a unifying vehicle to manage the disbursement of funds to local, regional and national non-profit service providers of Veterans assistance programs.

Funds collected by Brave Works will be disbursed to other Veteran non-profit programs? after a careful review by Brave Works and one of the nation's leading accounting companies has been conducted. The review will consist of many factors including, but not limited to need, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and fiscal responsibility of the organization desiring the funding.

Throughout the year, Brave Works will conduct regular onsite visits to ensure monies are being used on programs as authorized per Brave Work's financial grant.

In this way, Brave Works provides a buffer of protection to the public and Veterans by ensuring that funds are distributed to legitimate, responsible and well-managed organizations who are helping to speed up aid to our Wounded and their families.

In order for ensure transparency of Brave Works and its programs, Brave Works will itself be monitored on a regular basis by another outside nationally recognized accounting firm.