The Call

Brave Works (a program of the National Trust for Our Wounded) enlists the help of venues, sports teams, artists and Corporate America to touch millions of people across America with a message of need, hope and how all of us, working together, can fulfill the unmet requirements of those who have returned home but still need our assistance.

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) can't do it alone, nor can our Government. According to the IRS, there are over 40,000 organizations claiming to provide services to our Wounded -- yet help is not getting there fast enough. So Brave Works, with the help of Venues all across the country, is asking all those who are in a position to provide financial support to step up and join Brave Works program.

Together we will show the world how our nation rallies around our heroes and heroines.

Brave Works unique fundraising model enables large sums to be raised quickly with very little overhead. Brave Works serves as a unifying conduit of support for non-profit organizations and the programs Brave Works aids. This in turn will increase the effectiveness of individual and Corporate donations so that they have a more immediate and much more significant impact in speeding up to our Wounded.