Frequently Asked Questions

A: We are working to give Corporations, Foundations and donors the transparency and information lacking today. With over 40,000 organizations claiming to assist Veterans and/or our Wounded it is no wonder there is so much skepticism as to where the money goes today since the suicide rate among those who have returned home is growing. Aid is simply not getting to our Veterans and their families fast enough.

Brave Works doesn't want to duplicate efforts of other already existing Veteran charities -- we want to help the American public find the best so the money they donate is given to those with the best results or charities that are doing new cutting edge work that will have a dramatic impact on lowering today's Veteran suicide rate.

Brave Works is already vetting individuals and groups working on the new innovative approaches to help those suffering from PTS and TBI and then looking to see if there are already existing 501s that they could partner with to expand their programming to include these new successful techniques and medical advancements. In addition, Brave Works will be:

- Working with well-respected CPA firms on quarterly reviews of 501(c)3s to ensure authentication of proper fund usage, distribution, transparency and accountability;

- Conducting regular onsite visits and quarterly reviews of programs Brave Works is supporting on behalf of the sponsors, artists and donors who are helping Brave Works in our work;

- Giving financial support to effective, well-managed 501(c)3 programs which have geographic reach to ensure the full range of needs of the Wounded are being addressed, particularly those returning to rural areas and small towns;

- Serving as the fundraising for support of 501(c)3 organizations caring for our Wounded and their families. This reduces the wasteful fragmentation of funding and also reduces donor confusion by Brave Works providing a high standard of assurance that donations will be used to fund quality programs and services.

Unfortunately, the military doesn't keep stats on affects to spouses, children and other family members when their loved one serving comes back severely Wounded or suffering from TBI and PTS. But one need only look at the high suicide rate of Veterans today and the spiraling out of control number of divorces to know this number is high.

A: 501s must meet the following requirements (and others):

- Must be a military non-profit organization exclusively;
- Depending on the non-profit’s size and their geographic location and where they are operating, we will only fund organizations with overhead expenses of 25% and below;
- The 501cs management team must be capable of expanding their programs geographically and a proven track record of successful outcomes helping Veterans and their families;
- The non-profit must prove that their organization has the right management skills that if additional capital were made available they could expand their programs successfully (for example, a 501 has a good operation based in Nashville but in order for them to expand to Memphis additional capital is required. Brave Work's Board would consider funding that expansion if the non-profit has a history of good management, sound fiscal practices and good outcome results);
- The non-profit's services fall within Brave Work's areas of focus such as:

- Providing adaptive housing and/or vehicles to severely-injured Veterans;
- Care and treatment facilities focused specifically on the treatment of TBI and PTS patients;
- Care, service and treatment centers which are geographically diversified and have developed suicide prevention programs and/or are working in conjunction with other organizations that are as equally dedicated to the reducing and/or eliminating the high military/veteran and family member suicide levels. Services must include family counseling services, suicide prevention watch teams and any other resource that is proving to be effective in reducing the staggering level of current suicides within the Veteran community;
- Training, job placement and work programs which help Veterans reintegrate back in the workplace.

These are national issues but as Brave Works™ reviews each state’s current capabilities, they vary so dramatically that a system has to be developed to integrate these services.

There will be a matrix for qualification. For example,

- Brave Works contribution, when combined with the existing 501c's resources, must fund the entire program's expansion cost. In addition, Brave Works will seek out relationships where we believe the non-profit has the capability necessary to increase their own fundraising and thereby reduce the non-profit’s dependency on Brave Work's funding over the next 12 to 24 months.

- Each organization that Brave Works funds will be required to submit quarterly financials that will be reviewed by Brave Work's internal accounting team and the independent nationally-respected auditing firm Brave Works is working with. Brave Works financial reviews have been established for the purpose of being supportive and consulting-based rather than for punitive reasons. If the non-profit receives Brave Works funding, they have already proven they are well run.

- Funding will be distributed on a quarterly or bi-yearly basis. Internally, Brave Works will have already escrowed the funds allocated to cover the terms of any specific funding agreement with the non-profit.

No doubt about it -- this is a HUGE job. Our Congress and other 501(c)3 non-profits are doing their best to help meet the needs of our Wounded but after hundreds of hours in conversations with the Wounded, spending over 5 years researching what our Wounded have told us is missing in programs for them -- and the complexity of trying to figure who is doing what -- we've discovered there is still a great number of needs that simply aren't being addressed. The recent Veteran Administration problems confirms our findings. Brave Works wants to help close that void.

Brave Works acts as a Trust Fund which is carefully managed by a dedicated team of business leaders, military leaders, specialists, non-profit specialists, accountants and others who will be overseeing and deciding which groups are worthy of your investment. And, best of all, you will be able to have confidence that your money has been used wisely because there are checks and balances in place all the way through -- including ones on Brave Works -- to ensure we are the fulfilling our obligations as well.

For information on Partnership costs, please contact Ann Stone or Kirk Lininger at 833-272-8395 or email us at:

Individual Partners are more than welcome! For information on being a Brave Works Program Partner, please contact Ann Stone or Kirk Lininger at 833-272-8395 or email:

We are more than willing to work out a donation payment schedule to accommodate your needs. Call our office at 833-272-8395 and ask for Ann Stone and mention you'd like to be a Title or National Partner to Brave Works' Brave Works™ program.

Depending on the Partnership level of your contribution, we'll be happy to help to work our ads to include the name of your loved one. Give us a call and let's discuss what you'd like said on the air or in our ad.

Of course! We'd be happy to work out the details of your Partnership and the individual you'd like to honor or remember. Eventually Brave Works will have a Wall of Honor on our website. Anyone who donates $50 or more to help underwrite our programs will have their name listed and the name of anyone they want to honor and it will remain on our website into perpetuity.